"I wanted to express a very sincere thank you for sharing your clinical expertise and educator excellence with the NICU family here at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital in the Lehigh Valley. The seminar was refreshing, interesting and a valuable tool and strategy to offer our NICU population. The NICU  family inclusive of all the Nurses, Physicians and Therapists look forward to enriching and enhancing the lives of the neonatal population with the use of the PIOMI tool. We all look forward to enriching our professional talents through continued communication and dialogue. A sincere thank you for your time energy and talent."

Brian J. Smith, PT, MHA

Team Lead Pediatric Service Line


Pediatrics and NBSC

LeHigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital


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(Measured behavioral state)


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23 RCTs on PIOMI

1 fidelity study on PIOMI

2 meta-analysis & 5 Systematic Reviews that included PIOMI

2 Descriptive articles

Total:  33