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In-Person Training


PIOMI is the only oral motor intervention for preterm infants that has published intervention fidelity (Lessen, et al 2015) based on a standardized training program.
The standardized PIOMI Training Program is available on-site, via virtual webinar, or downloaded. The instructional tool is available in 10 languages.  In-person or virtual training includes a demonstration video and hands-on practice. In this competency-based instruction, Dr. Knoll evaluates return demonstrations and provides PIOMI Provider Certificates  upon completion.

"I wanted to express a very sincere thank you for sharing your clinical expertise and educator excellence with the NICU family here at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children’s Hospital in the Lehigh Valley. The seminar was refreshing, interesting and a valuable tool and strategy to offer our NICU population. The NICU  family inclusive of all the Nurses, Physicians and Therapists look forward to enriching and enhancing the lives of the neonatal population with the use of the PIOMI tool. We all look forward to enriching our professional talents through continued communication and dialogue. A sincere thank you for your time energy and talent."

"Our PIOMI on-site training was superb! Brenda personalized instruction for our entire team including RNs, LIPs, OTs, SLPs, IT department and community feeding team partners. PIOMI quickly became an integral part of preemie care due to the outstanding presentation and guidance.” 

Toni Harvill

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Brian J. Smith, PT, MHA

Team Lead Pediatric Service Line


Pediatrics and NBSC

LeHigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital

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Training Packages

• Training Packages •




Cost:  $200/person

Competency-based training is facilitated via Zoom with breakouts for live practice and return demonstrations.

This is a 3 hour event and includes:

  • Background on oral motor therapy in the NICU

  • Neurogenesis and oral motor sensory experiences 

  • Impact of PIOMI on feeding

  • Evidence on outcomes after PIOMI

  • Practice session

  • Protocols to implement PIOMI in your NICU/Clinic

  • PIOMI Provider Certificate upon completion


*If you have not already purchased the PIOMI Training Package (Digital/downloadable) prior to this training, it is beneficial to have those materials with you during the Webinar to assist you in the practice session. That package can be purchased for $149.00 in the PIOMI Store on the right of this page or at this link:


Cost:  Training Fee + Travel and Accommodations (to be arranged)
  • Competency-based training

  • Live practice and return demonstrations

  • Group presentation to medical/professional staff and key community stakeholders on evidence and outcomes

  • Consultation with IT for EMR integration (e.g. EPIC tab for PIOMI)

  • Team meetings with all disciplines on implementation and documentation

  • Consultation on policy and protocol development

  • Ongoing support during implementation

  • Strategies for research design and data collection

  • Written evaluations of all training sessions


  • PIOMI Intervention Tool  - Professional
  • PIOMI Intervention Tool  - Parent Version
  • Reliability Rating Tool
  • Quick Reference Guide: 8.5" x 5.5" Card
  • Quick Reference Guide: 4" x 2.5" ID Badge Card



Cost:  Instant download $149.99
    DVD/Flash Drive $175
  • PIOMI Intervention Tool  - Professional
  • PIOMI Intervention Tool  - Parent Version
  • Reliability Rating Tool
  • Quick Reference Guide: 8.5" x 5.5" Card
  • Quick Reference Guide: 4" x 2.5" ID Badge Card
  • Translated versions available $19.99 ea.   (Currently available in Chinese, Mainland Chinese, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi and Filipino)
Step-by-step tutorial and live demonstration options:
  • Instant Download (.mov) $149.99  (Streaming Capable: can use on Healthstream, etc...)
  • DVD: $175 + Shipping (add'l DVD  $49.99 ea. + shipping)
  • Flash Drive: $175 + Shipping (add'l Flash Drive  $49.00 ea. + shipping)
NICU Sites

NICUs that have received on-site PIOMI training:

Childrens Hospital of IL.png
OSF Healthcare Childrens Hospital of IL.

2012  - Peoria, IL 

PIOMI Training, Implementation & Research

Original Research Site

MAHIDOL Univ Ramathibodi Hospital Photo.
MAHIDOL Univ Ramathibodi Hospital Logo.j

2013   Bangkok, Thailand

PIOMI Training, Implementation & Research

St Luke Bethlehem PA.jpg

2014   Bethlehem, PA

PIOMI Training, Implementation & Research

Kadlec Hospital.jpg

2015   Richland, WA

PIOMI Training & Implementation

Gaslini Hospital Italy.jpg

2016  Genoa, Italy

PIOMI Training, Implementation & Research


2019   Allentown, PA

PIOMI Training, Implementation & Research

Click here to see a Global Map of some of the >200 NICUs using PIOMI

"Thank you again for your patience with us and for finally bringing your fantastic program to LVHN Reilly Children’s Hospital!  Everyone I talked to was impressed with your research and excited about starting PIOMI."

Wendy Kowalski, MD

Medical Director NICU

Lehigh Valley - Reilly Children's Hospital

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