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Visit the PIOMI Global Site Map to see where PIOMI is used, and if there is a PIOMI practice site already in your agency/area.


Dr. Lessen Knoll welcomes the opportunity to present PIOMI research. It is her goal to improve preterm infant feeding and reduce the length of hospital stay.

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Learn more about PIOMI clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses,  and the establishment of intervention fidelity.


PIOMI is the only preterm oral motor intervention that has been tested for intervention fidelity based on a formal training program to ensure it is easily taught and can be consistently and reliably performed. Fidelity of an intervention is paramount to the validity of study outcomes, and to compare evidence across international studies.

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15+ million researchers and 188+ million publications where everyone can access science. See a global map of PIOMI practice and research sites as well as articles on reliability measurement, randomized clinical trials, length of stay in preterm infants and more!

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"Dr. Lessen Knoll agreed to be my advisor for my graduate work in July 2016. She sent PIOMI training materials and guided me through publication on the design and implementation of our RCT supervised by Dr. Farin Soleimani and Dr. Fariba Yadegari.  She is currently collaborating with us on a meta-analyses on all PIOMI evidence across 17 RCTs. Dr. Knoll is excellent to work with and continues her consultation throughout your project."

Hadise Ghomi, MS-SLP

Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Research Center

Tehran, Iran

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