PIOMI Training Webinar (ZOOM):  May 15  9-11am       (CST - USA)

PIOMI Training Webinar (ZOOM): May 15 9-11am (CST - USA)


This Virtual training is taught by Dr Brenda Knoll, founder of PIOMI. It is 120 minutes and includes a live presentation on the background of PIOMI, neuroscience behind how and why it works, the evidence on feeding and neuro outcomes, training demonstration, practice session, discussion on protocols, ways to implement at your agency, and Q&A at the end.  Each participant will receive a formal PIOMI Completion Certificate.


The Webinar will be offered via ZOOM, and a private link will be sent to you within 24 hours of the Webinar.


Why oral motor? Oral feeding is a complex task for preterm infants and is dependent upon maturation of the central nervous system and influences from chemosensory and perioral tactile input. The functional and neurologic immaturity of the oral motor structures is evident in the poorly developed oral musculature, reduced sensation in the intraoral/perioral areas, lack of lip seal, and reduced tongue and cheek strength. Preterm infants consequently struggle to transition from gavage to oral feeding. Early oral motor therapy can be provided to activate sensation, improve muscle contractility, and increase oral motor organization. There is substantial international evidence supporting oral motor therapy’s positive effect on feeding maturation, resulting in significantly faster transitions to full oral feeding and thus shortening length of hospital stay. The Premature Infant Oral Motor Intervention (PIOMI) was developed specifically as an early prefeeding intervention, to capitalize on the early neural networking opportunities in the preterm brain. The intervention has demonstrated strong intervention fidelity and provides a standardized approach to applying therapy.  The purpose of this presentation is to summarize the growing international evidence for oral motor therapy, and offer training in how to perform it and evaluate outcomes.